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Choir Practice is a useful practice tool for members of any school, church, or community choir.  Our service provides choir members with immediate internet access to part-specific audio files for each song in their choir's repertoire. 


How it works...

After logging in, the choir member clicks on their voice part for a particular song. They will immediately hear their voice part being played on a professional quality synthesizer. Choir members will also hear the other voice parts (and accompaniment, if applicable) playing quietly in the background. The singers will not hear text (lyrics), thereby encouraging them to read their music while listening to the audio files.

Some other useful information...

Terms of Use: Members of Choir Practice are allowed unlimited listening to their audio files by logging on to our website, clicking on an audio file, and choosing the "play" option.  However, choosing the "download" option is allowed only once per song, per choir member. Downloading more than one copy of a Choir Practice audio file by the same individual violates Federal copyright laws, and it violates your organization's agreement with Choir Practice. Our website tracks the number of downloads for each audio file and each choir; additional fees will be charged to choirs who exceed their licensed number of downloads.

Sharing downloaded files with others is also an infringement of U.S. Copyright Law, and it violates your organization's agreement with Choir Practice. Each choir member may use these audio files for personal practice only. U.S. Copyright Laws are designed to protect the intellectual property of all creative works, including those of choral composers and arrangers.  When your organization purchases audio files from Choir Practice, we pay a royalty to composers, arrangers, and their publishers.  When you make illegal copies of the files you are stealing from your fellow musicians.


Please choose your organization (or choose "demonstration") and click "go."



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